?Questions? ?Questions? ?Questions?

I have decided to post questions in this area of my blog. From time to time I will change the question. Please feel free to answer them or ask a question yourself. I will not have an answer for every question I post, some will be just to see what other people think and believe, and others may be just because the question is on my mind. Hope you enjoy this portion of my blog and the other posts that I have posted on the main page of this blog.

Second Question(s): When it comes to the study of Holy Scripture I often wonder how deep can we dig. One day I was talking to one of my friends on a day she was going to have Bible study or small group. I asked her what she was teaching on and she said Colossians. She said that the Pastor teaches on Colossians and then when they have small group they go more in depth into the book. I started thinking about that “going in depth” of studying the Holy Word of God. I began to ask myself “How far can someone dig into the Word of God?”  “Can someone dig so deep into the Word of God that they found a stopping point?” What do you think?

My first question(s): One day after worship service me and my cousin went to go eat lunch with other members of the church. As we were eating my cousin started talking about the ninth planet Pluto. To make a long story short he saw that I was thinking deeply about the subject and he said “look I got him into deep thought”. Later I started thinking about what he said. My question(s) is “What is DEEP THOUGHT?” Where would we separate deep thought from normal thought? How deep can one get in thought? Is there really a place of separation in thought or can all be considered deep thought or normal thought?


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