A Poem about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Semester is over and now I have a little bit more time. I was searching in my room and I came across a book I had of rhymes and poems. I thought it to be good to share with you one of them. I will continue to work on my posts about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I just thought you might enjoy this piece of work. My next post should be up in about a week, so just hang in there. For the mean time, I really hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to leave a comment or question with your e-mail and I will get to you as soon as possible.


Rhymes of bible doctrines

(And other poems)

By Benj. F. Dotson, D. D., Litt. D.

Pastor-Poet-Bible Teacher-Evangelist

Elkhart, Indiana

Copyright 1949

Published by

The Mile High Messenger

P.O. Box 321

Greeley, Colorado


Jehovah’s Witnesses:

 If you will go up on a street corner

On some Saturday afternoon,

And will not be too impatient

You’ll see something pretty soon;

From sev’ral directions there’ll arrive

A number of zealous workers,

With books and pamphlets in their hands;

 And will show they are not shirkers.


They’re on an important mission,

 They have a message to get out,

They’re not too sure of what they’re giving,

Not too certain what it’s about;

“Millions now living will never die,”

May be part of what they’re telling,

Many of their books are given free,

But a lot of them they’re selling.,


They offer no Bible salvation,

They know no Christ of Calvary;

To the he is the son of Joseph,

His claims are false to deity;

He was born the highest of the race,

But He was just only a man,

Why they use the Bible for a textbook,

Is hard for one to understand.


Pastor Russel and Judge Rutherford,

Had their day and now are dead;

Neither of them expected to die;

At least, that was what they said;

But like all the rest of human race,

Death finally was their portion,

And now in that region far removed,

They may have another notion.

One better take the Scripture as they say,

The plain, simple Bible statement,

Where a hell is threatened for the lost

And continue without abatement;

We should not magnify God’s mercy

To exclusion of His justice,

Just take the bible as it says,

With every truth God’s left us.


They have adopted a bible name,

No longer are they “Russelites;”

They are now “Jehovah’s Witnesses,”

Better still would be, “No-hell-ites;”

Jehovah is all the God there is,

They see no blessed Trinity;

They refuse to see God’s sacrifice,

The bleeding Lamb on Calvary.


Once called, “Bible Students Watch Tower,”

Was known as “Millenial Dawn,”

But after all names are considered,

It is better labeled “Devil’s Spawn;”

Rejects plain teaching of the Bible,

Twists its statements seriously,

But God’s truth still remains unshaken,

And will through all eternity.


Let us warn you my dear, unsaved friend,

Of this subtle, religious cult,

Who compasses both sea and the land

To accomplish same sad results;

Anti-Biblical and anti-Christ,

They know nothing of real salvation,

Satan has blinded their sightless eyes,

To God’s deeper revelation.


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