Charles T. Russell a Deceiver and Antichrist.

Hello everyone, I want to say sorry for taking so long to continue my posts on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Things have just been busy with the semester ending, trying to study for my final test. In addition, God has been working wonders in my life and He has been giving me opportunities to share the Gospel with the lost. Things have been good.


Well I had last left off in talking about the history of the formation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Which was mainly about; Charles Taze Russell the founder of the movement. Then I had written about how Mr. Russell and his followers view of the Holy Bible. I hope you enjoyed my last posts and I hope you enjoy this one.


I was able to obtain a document written by Charles T. Russell in the year 1876, the title of the document is called “the Bible Examiner”. In this writing on page 27 under the chapter title “Gentile Times: When do they End?” Mr. Russell makes the claim that human government will end in 1914. Mr. Russell tries to calculate the end of human government by using the book of Daniel this is what he writes:


“At the commencement of our human era, 606 of this time had passed, seventy years of captivity, and 536 from Cyrus to Christ which deducted from 2520, would show that the seven times will end in A. D. 1914; when Jerusalem shall be delivered forever, and the Jew say of the deliverer, “Lo, this is our God, we have waited for him and he will save us.” When gentile governments shall have been dashed to pieces; when God shall have poured out of his fury upon the nation, and they acknowledge, him King of kings and Lord of lords.”[1]


Now Mr. Russell believed this and believed that Jesus Christ returned in 1874. When 1874 had come and gone, it was said that Mr. Russell discovered that Christ would not return in a physical presence but in an invisible one. Now of course the human government did not end in 1914, and after 1914, Mr. Russell changed the date to 1915 then to 1918. Mr. Russell died in 1916 so he could not change the dates anymore when 1918 came and went.

Now let us see what God says, first God says NO ONE KNOWS the day or hour… (Matt. 24:36) we may know a general time, but we must be careful even with that. We must look at scripture carefully, and we must be sure not to force our views on God’s Word, but let God speak for Himself. Second, (this is where I think it gets very interesting on what Mr. Russell says) the Holy Word says in 2nd John verse 7:

“Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming[2] in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.”

 John clearly says that if a person denies Jesus coming in the FLESH he is a deceiver and antichrist, now what did Mr. Russell claim, well he claimed that Christ was to come in an invisible presence not, in physical or in the flesh. Therefore, we see that Charles T. Russell was a deceiver and antichrist; he obviously cannot be a prophet of God because he prophesied incorrectly.                               I hope you enjoyed my post. 🙂

[1] Charles Taze Russell, The Bible Expositor, 1876, p.27

[2] Coming- This present tense participle seems to include the past coming of Christ in flesh at the incarnation, the present continuance of His risen humanity, as well as His future coming to earth. By contrast, the perfect tense participle in 1 John 4:2 emphasizes only His incarnation.



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  1. Michael J. Phillips

    Good stuff, keep it coming. Angelo, the cult hunter!

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