Jehovah’s witnesses, are they really Jehovah’s witnesses?

Jehovah’s witnesses, are they really Jehovah’s witnesses? I believe that Jehovah’s Witnesses are a group that seems to of mastered deception.

For the sake of me not getting tiered of typing lets call them JWs for short.

The JWs are a group of people who are deceived themselves and are deceiving others to the Cult. We will be looking at some of the claims they make, and some of the beliefs they so vigorously argue for, but first the history of the man who started it all.


 History of the formation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses:

1852 a child was born whose parents named Charles Taze Russell. He was known to be raised up in the Reformed faith of the Covenanters and was said to be taking the doctrines pretty serious, especially the doctrine of hell. Charles T. Russell was said to have been writing on fences with chalk warning people about hell and telling them to attend church on the Sabbath, Ferguson observes, “Evidently his youth was dominated by morbid pictures of a sizzling hell…”[1] It wasn’t until C. T. Russell couldn’t answer some questions of a skeptic that he stumbled in his faith. C. T. Russell was restored in his faith when he met some Second Adventist who rejected the doctrine of hell. In 1879 Russell decided to break from the Adventist taking with him some of their beliefs like the rejection of the trinity, rejection of eternal punishment, and the immortality of the soul. C. T. Russell also made claims of the return of Christ which according to him began in 1874 where Christ returned in an invisible presence, not a physical return; he said that Christ would end human government and restore paradise to earth in 1914. However when this did not happen he changed the date to 1915 and then to 1918.

Charles Taze Russell at one point in his life was tried for shady dealings in wheat, he was summoned to court for a verity of fabrications, he was forced, on one occasion, to confess openly to falsehood:


On the witness stand, under oath, he answered, “yes,” to the question, “Do you know Greek?” He was handed a copy of the New Testament in Greek. When requested to identify the letters of the alphabet, he could not do so. At that point Russell’s attorney became agitated, apparently fearing that his client would be indicted for perjury, thereupon, he pressed him, “now, are you familiar with the Greek language?” always a cagey prevaricator, Russell caught the hint and answered, brazenly and unblushingly, “No.”[2]


Now for the sake of posting, I will stop here and continue on another post. Next we will look a little bit more on the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and look into some of their beliefs and compare it to what the Holy Bible says. Hopefully this will give you a little understanding of the founder of the JWs and what they believe.

[1] Charles W. Ferguson, The Confusion of Tongues, p. 66.

[2] Dan Gilbert, Jehovah’s Witnesses, p. 16



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